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Membership Roster Codes


R         Retail
W       Wholesale
GC      Garden Center            
LD       Landscape Design
LC       Landscape Contractor
ReW   ReWholesaler
LM      Landscape Maintenance
IRG     Irrigation Contractor
Hsup   Horticulture Supplier
Lawn   Lawn Maintenance
GR      Grower
EQD    Equipment Dealer
GCM   Golf Course Maintenance
CM      Cemetery Maintenance
PWG   Ponds and Water Gardens


ST        Shade and Ornamental Trees
Evg      Evergreens and Conifers
GrC       Ground Covers
Per        Perennials
OG        Ornamental Grasses
TF         Turf, Sod, Seed
GH        Greenhouse Plants
PP          Pond & Water Garden Plants
Spec      Specialties

A & L Landscaping
Bill Abel
9776 W. Oakridge Drive
St. John, IN  46373
Phone: 219-365-3756 
Types: LD, LC, LM, Lawn
Material: ST, Evg, Per, OG, TF

AHC Ground Services
Andrew Polk 
2341 Taft Street
Gary, IN  46404
Phone: 219-944-9727
Types: LC, LM, R
Material: Per, TF

Allen Landscape
Melissa Mravec
2539 45th Street
Highland, IN  46322
Phone: 219-924-3938  Fax: 219-922-3333
Types: GC, LD, LC, LM
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF, FR

Allens Snow Removal & Lawn Care, Inc.
Shay Welp
2507 Hamstrom Road
Portage, IN 46368
Phone: 219-763-1532  Fax: 219-841-9428
Types: GC, LD, LC, LM, IRG, Lawn
Material: ST, Per, OG

Andrew McCann Lawn Sprinkler Co.
Thomas Harper
1813 W. 171st St.
East Hazel Crest, IL 60429
Phone: 708-799-5731  Fax: 708-799-7573
Types: Lawn, Irrigation


Beachside Gardens
Laura Kalk
3725 E. US Hwy 12
Michigan City, IN 46340
Phone: 219-879-8878 Fax: 219-872-3453
Types: GC, LD, LC, ReW, LM, Lawn, CM, Pwg
Material: All

Belgard Hardscapes
1 Hunt Court
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: 847-204-1767
Types: Brick Sales and Manufacturing
Bill's Lawn Care
Bill Wenzel
2168 Whippoorwill St. Portage, IN  46368
Phone: 219-781-7669 Fax: 219-763-7821
Types: LM, IRG, Lawn

Chadwood Farms, Inc.
Henry Lang/Chris Krycka
P.O. Box 146
Rolling Prairie, IN 46371
Phone: 219-778-4015  Fax: 219-778-2606
Types: W
Material: ST

Chesterton Feed & Garden Center
Chuck Roth Jr.
400 Locust Street
Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: 219-926-2790  Fax: 219-926-7412
Types: GC, Pwg
Material: All

Dan Knispel Landscape Services
Dan Knispel
6315 Portage Ave.
Portage, IN  46368
Phone: 219-762-8999  
Types: LD, LC, LM, Lawn
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF

DeLau Landscape Maintenance
David DeLau
127 State Hwy 212 P.O. Box 1063
Michigan City, IN  46361
Phone: 219-879-4839  Fax: 219-879-4898
Types: LC, LM, IRG, Lawn, PWG, ReW
Material:ST, Evg, GrC, Per, TF, OG, R

Duneland Landscape, LLC
Tom Frain
1091 N. State Rd. 149  Suite #103
Chesterton, IN  46304
Phone: 219-763-6741  Fax: 219-764-9294<
Types: LD, LC, LM, Lawn

Forever Green Lawn Care
Scott Polster
P.O. Box 480
St. John, IN 46373
Phone: 219-365-6778  Fax: 219-365-1430
Types: Lawn, Fert, Weed Control, Tree Disease


Four Seasons Landscaping Nursery, Inc.
George Brenn
226 E.  US Hwy 6
Valparaiso, IN  46383-9773
Phone: 219-464-4941  Fax:  219-464-0481
Types: W, GC, LD, LC, GR, ReW
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF, GH

Garden Design by CADI
Miki Katz
8703 Baring Avenue
Munster, IN 46321
Phone: 219-680-8052  Fax: 219-923-4942
Types: Garden Design & Planting Service, LD
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG

Great Lakes Management
Dino Ioakimidis
P.O. Box 256
Schererville, IN 46375
Phone: 219-690-1650 Fax: 219-690-1651
Types: LD, LC, LM

Greenscape Lawn & Landscaping
Neil Landgrebe
225 W. Joliet Road
Valparaiso, IN  46385
Phone: 219-465-7436 
Types: LD, LC, LM, Lawn, GR
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF

Hanover Acres Nursery & Landscaping
Edward Austgen
15222 West 133rd Ave.
Cedar Lake, IN  46303
Phone: 219-374-7261
Types: LC, LM, Lawn, GR
Material: ST, Evg, Per, TF

Hitz Horticulture
James E. Hitz
137 E. Junco Dr.
Kouts, IN 46347
Phone: 219-508-9812  Fax:
Types: LD, LC, LMn

Hodge Tree Care
Russell Hodge
7391 Cedar Creek Circle
Portage, IN 46368
Phone: 219-942-2213 Fax: 219-942-2213
Types: ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Care, Consulting
Holleys Landscaping, LLC
P.O. Box 252
Valparaiso, IN 46384
Phone: 219-299-2768
Types: LD, LC, LM, IRG, Lawn, PWG

Hubinger Landscaping Corp.
David / Donna Hubinger
210 East 113th Avenue
Crown Point, IN  46307-9793
Phone: 219-662-9911  Fax: 219-662-6206
Types: W, GC, LD, LC, ReW, LM, Lawn
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF

J. Iddins Landscaping
James Iddins
2108 Hawthorne Lane
Chesterton, IN  46304
Phone: 219-921-3770
Types: Bush/hedge Trimming, Orn. Tree Pruning 

Kankakee Nursery
Tom Fister
P.O. Box 288
Aroma Park, IL  60910
Phone: 800-344-7697  Fax: 815-937-9389 
Types: Grower
Material: W, GR, ST, GrC, Per, OG, FR

Lake County Parks & Recreation
Katie Molchan
8411 E. Lincoln Hwy.
Crown Point, IN  46307
Phone: 219-945-0543  Fax: 219-947-7210
Types: GR, Government
Material: Per, Annuals

Lakes of the Four Seasons
Doug Weiss
1048 Lakeshore Dr.
Crown Point, IN 46307
Phone: 219-988-2581  Fax: 219-988-3840
Types: Golf Course

LaPorte County Nursery
Brian Bunge
7657 West State Rd 2
LaPorte, IN  46350
Phone: 219-785-2891  Fax: 219-785-2756
Types: W, LC, GR, ReW
Material: ST, Evg

Leo's Feed & Garden Center
Steve Govert
13406 Wicker Ave.  P.O. Box 380
Cedar Lake, IN  46303-0380
Phone: 219-374-6757  Fax: 219-374-7909
Types: GC, PWG
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF, GH, PP

Martin Landscaping
Doug Werner
9961 W. 109th
Cedar Lake, IN  46303
Phone: 219-365-3344  Fax:  219-365-0100 
Types: W, GC, LD, LC, ReW
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, FR

Meier's Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.
Larry Meier
6809 Columbia Ave.  Unit A
Hammond, IN  46324
Phone: 219-989-9070  Fax: 219-989-9073
Types: LD, LC, LM, Lawn

Midwest Groundcovers
Judy Wehmeister
6N800 IL 25 / P.O. Box 748
St. Charles, IL  60174
Phone: 847-742-1790  Fax: 847-742-2655
Types: W, GR
Material: Evg, GrC, Per, OG, Spec

Niemeyer’s Landscape Supply
Wayne Gruber
810 North Indiana Avenue
Crown Point, IN 46307
Phone: 219-663-1042   Fax: 219-663-9088
Types: GC, ReW
Material: All

Planned Environment Assoc. Inc.
Stuart Franzen
P.O. Box 2256
Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: 219-926-5689
Types: LD

Price Nurseries, Inc.
James B. Kenny
7880 King Road
Plymouth, IN  46563
Phone: 574-936-4459  Fax:  574-936-3026
Types: W, LD, LM, LC, GR
Material: ST, Evg, OG

Purdue University Calumet
John Bachmann
2200 - 169th Street
Hammond, IN  46323
Phone: 219-989-2470  Fax: 219-989-2253
Types: University Maintenance

R.A.L. Landscaping & GC, Inc.
Roger A, Ladd
6616 W. Lincoln Hwy (Route 30)
Crown Point, IN  46307
Phone: 219-865-6439  Fax: 219-865-9558
Types: W, GC, LD, LC, ReW, IRG, GCM, CM
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF

RLM, Inc.
Dean Ricci Jr.
502 Norbeh Drive
Hebron, IN  46341
Phone: 219-996-2682  Fax: 219-996-2680
Types: LD, LC, LM, IRG, Lawn, PWG
Material:St, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF, PP, Spec

Rose Brick LLC
Jason Barnard
918 Oliver Plow Ct.
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: 574-234-2133  Fax: 574-232-2695
Types: W

Roselawn Gardens
John Morgin
5653 E. State Route 10  P.O. Box 268
Roselawn, IN  46372
Phone: 219-345-3111
Types: GC, PWG
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, PP

Serviscape, LLC
Robert Bulger
P.O. Box 8658
Michigan City, IN  46360
Phone: 219-872-9412  Fax: 219-872-9417
Types: LC, LM, Lawn, GCM, LD, IRG, GCM

Small's Landscaping, Inc.
Nancy Marshall
310 North 325 East
Valparaiso, IN  46383
Phone: 219-476-7400  Fax: 219-476-7500
Types: LD, LM, IRG, GR, PWG
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, TF, PP

Stonehouse Nursery LLC
Patty Steinhauser
9319 Lauer Road
Berrien Springs, MI  49103
Phone: 269-471-2918  Fax:  269-471-5930
Types: W, GR
Material: Per, OG

Twixwood Nursery
Tom Kimmel
P.O. Box 247
Berrien Springs, MI  49103
Phone: 269-471-7408  Fax: 269-471-2495
Types: W, ReW, Hsup, GR
Material: GrC, Per, OG, FR


Valparaiso Dept. of Parks & Recreation
Steve Martinson
3210 Campbell Street
Valparaiso, IN  46385
Phone: 219-531-4678  Fax:  219-465-0098
Types: LM, Parks, Botanical Gardens
Material: Per, Bedding Plants

Valparaiso University
Wilma Gresham
602 Don Hovey Drive
Valparaiso, IN  46383
Phone: 219-464-5794  Fax: 219-464-6721
Types: School

Willoway Nurseries, Inc.
Danny Gouge
4534 Center Rd.
Avon, OH  44011
Phone: 866-934-4435  Fax: 440-934-5826
Types: W, GR
Material: ST, Evg, GrC, Per, OG, GH, Spec

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