2023 Educational Seminar

Thank you for attending the 2023 Educational Seminar! 

Click the photo below to enjoy the seminar highlights!

From the 96 attendees 47 surveys were collected and the results are:  

1. Overall Rating of Speakers: Good variety of personalities. Love Mike Yanny.  The morning speakers were hard to stay awake through, but the afternoon ones rocked. Love Mike Yanny. Some more videos maybe?   Loved Andy Mulder’s presentation.  Liked Brandon.  Andy’s talk was awesome.  More plants & herbicides.

2. Overall Rating of Meeting: Nice mix of nursery-chemicals, etc.  Loved use of computer screen.                

3. Improvement Suggestions: More turf talks for lawn techs & nerds.  You all did pretty well.  Keep it interactive.  More topics, shorter amount of time on each. Better food. Missed not having the raffle or goodie bags to help you get through the day. 

4. Future Speaker Suggestions: Stick to allotted time.  NOT SURE THE DOT APPLIES TO ENOUGH PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO FOR AN HOUR-IN FACT. MAYBE A COUPLE SPEAKERS COULD BE JUST 30 MINUTES.  I have always been a favorite of turf grass and weed control discussion.  Social media buzz. Landscape design. The changing climate?  Scott Polster.  Landscape equipment. More Mike Yanny!! Turf Diseases.  

5. What topics would you like? Turf, Disease/Insects, Landscape plants/Maintenance, Hardscape, Design, New Plant Options, Design, Business/Human Relations, Other topics:  How to attract employees to apply and how to retain them.   Organics. Contractor. 

6. General Topics: Phone breakout session was awesome!   Good Job!  I missed Fred Whitford!   Mike Yanny was GREAT! Well worth the entry fee. All Good.   Enjoyed it, very educational.                     

7. Interested in the Board:  Alvaro Arias, Roger A. Ladd, Parnell Barnett & Dean Ricci.                    

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